The Future is Now Webinar

Facilitating Active Student-Centered Learning
We believe the [immediate] future of medical education lies in design and delivery of active, student-centered learning (SCL) experiences. To realize opportunities afforded by COVID-19, medical educators should consider facilitating active learning experiences that integrate the core science concepts with clinical reasoning skills to prepare outstanding physicians who “do no harm.”


Webinar [XX] is intended to foster your ability to facilitate active SCL by demonstrating how such experiences are designed and delivered.

To achieve our goal, before the Webinar, you are to: 

1. Explore resources on active SCL (listed below) prior to the scheduled Webinar;
2. Consult with designated members of the Active SCL team 

Then, during the Webinar, you will 

3. Collaborate with us and with other Webinar participants to design active SCL experiences; and
4. Share what you learned during and after the Webinar to consolidate your knowledge and facilitate transfer. 

As with all active, SCL experiences, what you derive from this Webinar will be directly proportional to what you put input the experience. The more time and effort you put into exploring the resources before the Webinar, the greater will be the depth and breadth of your understanding and experience. During the Webinar, you may take either an active role in designing an active, SCL experience and sharing your experience OR you may choose to observe and listen to others. Either way, we believe you will gain valuable insights into how to create active, SCL learning experiences. 

Explore (before the Webinar)

Additional Steps

  • Reflect on teaching and learning experience, and choose 1-2 lessons you would like to (re)design during the live session using an active SCL approach; 

  • Review curated videos and cases that you may use to (re)design your active SCL experience; 

  • Review a template that will be used to facilitate the small group session and design of active, SCL experience. 

  • If you have time, consider reading an article on how to design blended learning experiences; 

  • Be sure you register for the Webinar; and 

  • If necessary, contact an Active SCL Webinar team member if you have any burning questions or concerns. 

Explain & Elaborate (during the Webinar)

  • We will begin by bringing everyone together to review the purpose and plans for the Webinar. 

  • You will then be placed into smaller groups for 30min to discuss what you learned about active, SCL from your exploration, and either actively participate in or observe others designing an active, SCL experience. 

  • Each small group will be facilitated by a professional instructional designer who will work with you to re(design) a lesson. 

  • We will then reconvene as a large group to share designs, reflect on key lesson’s learned, and encapsulate your experience by discussing next steps. 


  • As an informal learning experience, you will not be formally evaluated on your designs. 

  • However, to illustrate how student learning may be evaluated during such sessions, we will incorporate sample assessment instruments and tools during the small and large group sessions.